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Annette A

@megs – what CGM are you getting? I am beginning to have minor problems with hypo unawareness – my signs are now very subtle, and if I dont notice them straight away, I miss them, and they disappear (but the hypo doesnt). Luckily, I’ve always tested and discovered I’m low before I get so low as to pass out, but I am getting concerned – it doesnt happen all the time, but what if it starts to do so? Or what if it starts doing so in the middle of the night? I’m going to bring it up at my next clinic appt, but I know my DSN isnt keen on them (she says ‘you’d have to wear another sensor all the time.’ I say ‘So what?’) so I’m unlikely to get any NHS help at the moment (until I start keeling over without notice).
Are you self funding or NHS? Let us know how it goes!