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@Fiona – Hi, I’ll add my welcome to the pack to the other two :)

I don’t think I have much to add really, except another to the chorus of ‘It DOES get better!’. I’m at two and a half years myself, diagnosed just before my 21st (no, it wasn’t QUITE as alcohol fuelled as maybe you’d expect, but that’s more to do with me than the diabetes :P ).

I think the only thing I can say is read, read, read til you think you know it all, then come on here and realise half of what you think you know is wrong ;) As I half internet diagnosed myself I read up a bit about it, and it really helped the shock factor for me when it was confirmed, and I personally found drowning myself in information really helped me get my head around it. You may well differ on that front, however!

Oh, once other thing is to make sure you DO NOT stop doing stuff cause of diabetes! Although I know it’s wrong to say, but to help you ease in a little, don’t worry too much about getting your sugars under 100% control from the start – the control will come with practice, and making sure your not over stressing about it is (I found) far more important. Partly because stress levels affect your BGs!

Good luck, and hope you’re feeling better about it all, if not already, then soon! :)