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Annette A

I always had a 3am dip all my life (tended to go hypo at that point). When I went onto Lantus, I started with giving it in the mornings only, to try and correct that, which worked to an extent (many fewer nighttime hypos) but left me with a major DP – my feeling was that the Lantus was disappearing by about 5am, so by 8am I was going high. Normally I got up early enough to be able to counter it with extra Novorapid, but that meant I could never have a lie in.
Then I got a pump. I did all the fasting things – did every 2 hours bg tests overnight for several days. Only to discover that I dont actually have either a 3am dip or a DP. My basal insulin levels are totally steady from 5pm to 8am the following day, I dont need to adjust them for anything overnight. Which makes me wonder what was happening for all those (33) years?