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By | 19 May, 2009
Around the world, around the world, around the world #DaftPunk

Around the world, around the world, around the world #DaftPunk

Inspired by the marvel that was Saturday night’s Eurovision Song Contest, I was feeling a bit global so had a look at where visitors to the blog have been coming from over the last month. I knew we had a lot of Brits and Americans gracing our pages, but you’re coming from all over the world. Tim and I have rudely been writing purely in English so I feel now is a time to greet all our readers:

Good day chaps to the British (we came 5th in Eurovision, how amazing is that??)

  • Hi y’all to the Americans
  • Hello/Bonjour to the Canadians
  • G’day to the Ozzies
  • Hello to the New Zealanders (I feel I should know some colloquial greeting for our friends in NZ but my brain is sadly lacking)
  • Bonjour to the Belgians, the French, the Swiss and the Luxembourgers (I had to google what you call someone from Luxembourg and to be honest there’s no clear cut answer so we’ll stick with this one until someone tells me otherwise)
  • Hola to the Spanish, Mexicans, Brazillians and Venezuelans
  • Guten Tag to the Germans
  • Goedendag to the Dutch
  • Buongiorno to the Italians
  • Dobar dan to the Croatians (believe it or not I knew that one, but from here on in I’m reliant on dodgy internet translation sites so forgive me if I accidentally publish any obscenities)
  • Goddag to the Danes
  • Magandang araw to the Filipinos
  • Selamat sore to the Indonesians
  • Hallo to the South Africans
  • God dag to the Norwegians and congratulations on winning Eurovision
  • Xin chao buôi ngay to the Vietnamese
  • And finally Dobrý den to the Slovakians

Its amazing to know you’re reading this all around the world and it’ll do Tim’s ego no end of good. If I’ve missed you off, humble apologies, leave us a comment to let us know.

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One thought on “Going global

  1. Cecile

    For your SA greeting, you get 1 out of 11 🙂 …here’s the rest :

    Afrikaans: Goeiedag
    IsiNdebele: Lotjhani
    Sesotho: Dumela (singular) / Dumelang (plural)
    Northern Sotho: Dumela (singular) / Dumelang (plural)
    Setswana: Dumela (singular) / Dumelang (plural)
    SiSwati: Sawubona
    Xitsonga: Avuxeni
    Tshivenda: Ndaa (male) / Aa (female)
    IsiXhosa: Molo (singular) / Molweni (plural)
    IsiZulu: Sawubona (singular) / Sanibonani (plural)


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