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The original idea for this came from a joke I made on Twitter along the lines of a one size fits all NHS pump (it better not come in the old NHS specs tortoise shell)

Now there are lots of features i like on my pump, but at the end of the day the important features are all the same.. Would i take a basic pump if it was available (yes), would i pay extra for the additional features (maybe).

We all have different favorite infusion sets, would i use a basic set (yes) would i pay extra for my favored set (probably not).

The NHS wouldn’t find me for cgm, could I cope with a basic range of equipment & partially or fully fund cgm?

I actually think it’s an interesting question, whilst some of is would spend every penny the government gives us & some would top it up with self-funding I figure there are more who wouldn’t put the enthusiasm in so it might actually save money.

I also think it’s interesting to see what the consultants think we need to avoid later more expensive complications & how much that’d cost.

The interesting (or worrying) part of this line of thought is I did 20yrs of biannual eye tests which always seemed a waste of time so is be inclined to drop them, GP checkups, etc, & reinvest in cgm…

But then last year they picked up a problem with my eyes & weirdly when my control had been brilliant for 6 years.

If this had happened under this idea & I’d stopped the checkups would/should I be liable for any additional costs to the NHS?