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Blood Glucose Meter of the Year

It’s fast approaching the end of 2009 and every form of media is crammed with lazy, poorly composed “end of the year” reviews. And, of course, your soaraway Shoot Up is no exception. But forget those boring articles, TV clip shows or back-slapping awards ceremonies you see on the television. Who cares about comedy awards,… Read More »

Diabetic podcasts for young people

While ancient diabetics like Alison and me (Alison is especially ancient) are at least moderately clued up about diabetes, teenage diabetics are often thought of as a neglected demographic with little decent information aimed at them. Attempting to redress this balance, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals have recently recorded and made a whole load of… Read More »

Getting blood out of a finger

I was having a look at the Accu-Chek Compact Plus recently as part of a forthcoming review (hurrah! I hear all you blood-glucose-meter-review fans cry!) and my attention was drawn to the finger pricker, lancet delivery device or whatever you want to call it. Normally when I review a meter I don’t usually bother with… Read More »