Day two

By | 7 June, 2013


I write this from my palatial suite while Stephan lurks grumpily in his cramped garret, I think I got the better room today (I got the better room yesterday too, hurrah!) After our promised breakfast we set off, covered a feeble eight miles and then stopped at our first Roman fort. It was the turn of English National Heritage to get excited at our trip and they kindly lent us a helmet and sword (both genuine, honest) for pictures (see above).

We followed Hadrian’s wall for most of the day in glorious sunshine. Despite liberal applications of factor 30 we’ve still caught the sun. I think this is mainly because we’ve been sweating off the sun stuff as soon as we put it on. If there’s one thing to be said about cycling in Roman costume, is that it’s sweaty. Very sweaty…

The legs have been bearing up quite well and I think this is mainly due to the frequent stops at interesting sites. Also the consumption of lots of cake and ice cream has helped. The diabetes, too, has been good. Today I’ve bolused only one unit so far and have been on a 15% temp basal all day. I’m saving the NHS a lot of insulin if nothing else.

Anyway, dinner beckons. As always, had over to the charity page above if you haven’t already. We’ve already exceeded our target, but we want to smash it! Rrrargh!

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5 thoughts on “Day two

  1. brian

    ‘….we’ve caught the sun …‘ gee you must have been cycling hard, that baby moves real fast.
    (The sun circles the Milky Way at a speed of about 486,000 miles per hour)

    Halfway point !!! Go for it guys.

  2. Tim Post author

    Thanks chaps, it takes a lot of dedication to eat this much ice cream and cake…! 🙂

  3. Alison

    Two sweaty, cake eating Romans turning up at English heritage sites demanding props and money? What a vision! Glad its going well, keep going but cycle harder @Tim – if you’re down to 15% insulin today with a bit more effort you could be cured tomorrow 😉


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