Type 1’s are living longer

By | 16 August, 2012
Death - stalking a diabetic, yesterday

Death – stalking a diabetic, yesterday

This dog was chasing his tail with glee to see some positive diabetes news. It seems those with Type 1 are not doomed to an early death – the latest studies show that “participants diagnosed with type 1 between 1965 and 1980 lived around 15 years longer than participants diagnosed between 1950 and 1964. During the same period, the life expectancy of the general U.S. population increased by less than one year.”

All good stuff, likely to be indicative of better treatment, care and educated patients. Importantly though, this could be the chance Type 1’s have been waiting for to take over the world. This dog assumes that if Type 1’s are increasing their life expectancy by 15 years when those with working pancreases can only manage a one year increase, they’ll soon be outliving everyone.

I’ll go and have a dog biscuit before anyone spoils my fantasy by pointing out that the massive increase was from a lower baseline blah, blah, blah so world domination remains as distant a dream as ever. Still good news though, unless you’re the manager of the NHS diabetes budget.

4 thoughts on “Type 1’s are living longer

  1. Tim

    By extrapolating the data, by 2020 us type ones will be living until we’re 145. I for one look forward to being immortal!

  2. Peter Childs

    I always hate stats like this one….. Back in 198? when I was diagnosed I was informed that having diabetes would take 10 years off my life span, (As if that makes any difference when your only 8)

    Anyway -10 + 15 = +5 which I read as meaning that I’m now going to live for 5 years longer than average.

    Good thing this Mr Average does not exist…..


  3. Marianne

    Neville, Neville, Neville, I just love your news items. More please!


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