JDRF launch pro Type One campaign

By | 22 October, 2010

Everyone’s second favourite  diabetes charity the JDRF is launching a campaign to highlight awareness of type one with “those in power”. JDRF says:

“Diabetes as a whole is currently the subject of much political attention, but the differences between type 1 and type 2 are rarely distinguished. And as you know, it is important that this distinction is made so that political decisions about type 1 diabetes are based on information that is specific to type 1 diabetes. We want people like you, affected by type 1 diabetes to have a fair deal.

“You can help by getting involved in the 1 Campaign and raising awareness of type 1 diabetes. We want you to tell politicians and decision makers how type 1 diabetes affects you, your family and your day-to-day life.  With your help we can raise awareness of type 1 and secure Government funding to speed up the pace of research to find the cure.”

So there.

Find out more at the JDRF web site here: http://www.jdrf1campaign.org.uk

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