More good reasons to be diabetic

By | 2 July, 2009
Insert operation-related stock photo here

Insert operation-related stock photo here

I had a minor op last week. Nothing to do with diabetes and not particularly serious but it did throw up some more positives about having diabetes.

Firstly, having been forced to starve since midnight, I was first on the list at 8am because diabetics can’t cope without food. Poor, pasty, hungry looking people with working pancreases looked at me enviously from their beds as I headed down to theatre and they had to survive another few hours without food.

When I got to the pre-op room I was naturally starting to get a little nervous. It was only a short op so I’d agreed with the anaesthetist that I’d keep my pump on, make sure my blood sugar was ok before I went into theatre and he’d leave well alone.

As he prepared to put the needle into my hand to infuse marvellous drugs to knock me out, the sneaky anaesthetist got me talking about diabetes – how long I’d had it, how my pump worked etc. The last thing I remember was enthusing about blogging and then I was out cold. I must have had “get her talking about diabetes and she won’t have time to fret” written across my hospital gown!

And the final good thing about having diabetes? In the recovery room when you come round after the op everyone is given plain biscuits to eat along with some water or a cup of tea.  Apart from me. I was served up two slices of hot granary toast with butter. Because I’m diabetic! I’ve no idea why diabetics can’t eat plain biscuits, but the only complaint I have is that I was getting some very nasty looks from those with working pancreases as they munched on their dry biscuits!

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