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By | 20 July, 2012
Is wine good for diabetics? Of course it is!

Is wine good for diabetics? Of course it is!

Trawling through the site stats for Shoot Up throws up some interesting facts. Plenty of people find us by searching the interweb looking for information about insulin pumps, living with diabetes, carb counting, injecting and the like. But others find us via slightly stranger searches – I’m not sure whether that says more about us or them.

  • Is wine good for diabetics? I’d go a step further and say it’s not only good, it’s sometimes essential to preserving sanity.
  • Are 5 year olds allowed Lucozade That’s a tough one. I’d recommend only if they’ve been very good, completed all their homework and tidied their bedroom
  • I’m sorry That’s ok, don’t do it again and we’ll forget all about it.
  • How to get blood out of your finger There are many methods. Most of us prefer a lancet, but if you’re a more adventurous type I suppose you could try a hammer, a saw or maybe a chisel.
  • Treacle bender I can’t begin to imagine what you were expecting to find when you searched for that, but I suspect Shoot Up came as a disappointment to you.
  • Slough of despond Ah yes, that’ll be us, misery, misery and more misery.
  • Workout on a submarine I can see how that would be a challenge.
  • Chiropody tickle I’m glad its not just me who finds the whole diabetic foot check process ticklish.
  • I want my feet tickled London Each to their own I suppose, I’d suggest a diabetic foot check.
  • Square wave bolus crisps Now they sound tasty, what flavours do they come in?
  • Best illness to be off work with I like your thinking. The beauty of diabetes is you don’t have to put on a sore throat or feeble voice when you’re using it as an excuse, just baffle them with science about your carb ratios being incompatible with your basal rates and needing some time to modulate your glycaemic levels. That should get you a week at least.
  • What would happen if a fruit pastille went into space I would imagine it would get eaten by a diabetic alien.
  • Hello sailor in greek I can see you have interesting plans for your summer holidays, always good to be prepared with the essential language skills you’ll need.
  • Can fruit pastilles give you a headache Yes, mostly when you’ve accidently put them in the washing machine and they’ve melted all over your clothes.
  • Can a diabetic be in the sun Diabetes and vampirism are known to be closely linked so on your own head be it.
  • Sugar free pastilles pocket rocket I must hunt this down and get one
  • Do armadillos have insulin? Pass
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Diagnosed with Type One in 1983 at the age of four, Alison's been at this for a while now. She uses Humalog in a combined insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system and any blood glucose meter as long as it takes five seconds or less.

10 thoughts on “More strange things people ask

  1. Dave

    I LOVE those. favourite has to be Treacle Bender.

    The question has to be which pages on the site linked to all those terms? Did I miss the article on Greek sailing aliens who like their feet tickled on a submarine?

    1. Alison Post author

      That was one of our best ever articles Dave, I can’t believe you missed it

  2. Mike

    I was planning a bit of a treacle bender myself over the weekend actually. BGs should stay completely level as I’ll be using NovoArmadillo in Artoo.

  3. Anna

    Treacle Bender? Please point me in that direction, it sounds like a weekend well spent!

    Disappointingly I checked my own feeds after this and I topped out with :

    I don’t admit defeat (boring) and ‘painful face’. That one I quite liked, although why people are searching that, concerns me a bit. Hopefully I am not a link between some dodgy BDSM site.

    But hey, if it ups the stats…..

  4. Joe Freeman

    I like this a lot. I just had a quick look for ones – actually not that many ridiculous ones. But…

    Am I allowed to take bananas on a plane?
    Best diabetic dog food
    Can diabetics eat fruit safely? (which I can understand, but I’m now picturing people eating fruit in dangerous situations)
    Can diabetics have pets?
    Can i get a free car for being a diabetic?
    Can i mix fromage frais with single cream to make savoury sauce?
    Celebs that eat fruit n fibre
    Poems about people who go to the toilet a lot

    1. Alison Post author

      Interesting. I suspect the more ridiculous your content, the more ridiculous your search terms. @Tim and I obviously very proud to have written articles that attract such a diverse set of searches!

  5. Megs

    I’m pretty sure I’m responsible for the wine question just to get some reassurance before enjoying a bottle or two. I love the term treacle bender, it’s inspired and sounds so much more fun than plain high blood sugar. I did think Shoot Up was a site for heroin addicts when I first found you.

    1. Alison Post author

      We do get a fair few searches from internet savy drug addicts asking the best places to shoot up, where you can shoot up without leaving a mark etc. I always think they must be very disappointed when they end up here!

  6. Peter Childs

    On a similar subject I get woken up this morning to be told that Insulin is important to which animals grow big Horns….. Put simply animals (like Rhino) with big horns have good insulin production and those with weak horns also produce less Insulin…… It can also be important in animals have grow Antlers… and hence is important as to which animals are better at natural selection…

    It either means that us diabetics are going to get Big Horns due to taking more insulin that we actually need or were not going to get them at all as its broken……… Which made me laugh this morning…..



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