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      Hi everyone, I have been on my pump for a bit more than 3 months now, my HBA1C reduced by 2 mmol/l, despite the two pump failures I had, one the day before my blood test. It is a Medtornic Veo and I wear it with the clip provided in the starter pack, the one that goes on vertically and has no color. In the last three months I have realized I don’t like to ‘fish out’ my pump from my bra, so I was wearing it on my belt (infusion set in belly.) This works all nice and well when the pump is on my left side. But I always wear my handbag on my right, so when the pump is on the right, I keep moving it to my back or front, than back to the side when I need to sit down. I managed to brake the clip after two months doing this. I have tried to wear my bag on my left, but it gets me confused and I leave bags of shopping, coat, packed lunch etc. on the bus. Also, when I go for a jog the pump sometimes ‘travels around’ the waist of my jogging trousers, as long as the tubing allows it (tubing is the shortest, to keep the cat from playing with it.) I was thinking about getting a waist pouches. Anyone tried one? Can I just twist it round my waist any time? Can I wear it higher on my waist, depending on my clothes? All the photos online just show it worn the classic way, just over the belt line, infusion set at front middle.

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      Whoops – just saw this! Anyone would think Shoot Up is kind of dead now.

      Anyway, I use a Spibelt (http://www.spibelt.com/) for carrying the pump about the place when I’m cycling, etc. For every day use I have custom-made pump cases. Both work a treat!

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