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      Well, now I’m going to sound flaky. But I’m as cynical as the next person, honest.

      My son got agoraphobia due to stress at uni, and his counsellors at uni told him to try Transcendental Meditation. WHAT!!!? i thought. Surely he should be going to cognitive behaviour therapy? Who are these counsellors, ageing hippies?

      Well, 5 days after learning TM, our son was cured. So we decided we’d try it, having read a bit about it.

      I’ve been doing it since January. I have read two books about it, and there have been a lot of scientific studies with statistically significant and clinically significant results to show it can help cardiovascular disease, any stress-related condition, ADHD, oh, too many things to mention. It also improves IQ, concentration and stuff like that.

      It has also helped slow down my peaks and troughs – no mean feat. Nothing else has ever helped.

      Two days after starting it, i went to bed and wondered what was under my shoulders. It was the mattress. I was relaxing into it for the first time. No longer do I need to plump up the pillow because my head sinks into it. My neck, shoulder and arm problems have disappeared along with the tension. I sleep immediately I go to bed, and no matter how many times I have to get up to do a blood test, I go straight back to sleep, as does my husband. And we feel rested in the morning.

      I have had many experiences in my life that I won’t go into here, but which were going round and round in my head a lot of the time. That has stopped – I don’t care any longer – t doesn’t seem important. What seems important is right now.

      I’ve become more efficient, have been remembering wonderful dreams in colour, I’ve written my best poem ever.

      The best thing is I really, really enjoy the meditation (which has to be transcendental meditation for all the above effects) and can’t wait to get back to do it. I didn’t expect that.

      So – I can recommend it! The Meditation Trust is half as cheap as the Maharishi Foundation, and one payment is all you ever make with both – the rest is free.

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      Interesting @Lizz. It’s something I know absolutely nothing about; but I can’t deny that my BG results are better when I’m relaxed. And we all know that stress doesn’t do you much good. I also suppose that if mediation doesn’t work then there aren’t any side-effects, etc., that might cause more harm than good. So why not?

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      Quite. There are no side effects – although other effects are calmness, happiness, general well-being. Most shocking to me is for example the fact I can view my husband stacking the dishwasher incorrectly as a cute foible rather than an attempt to kill me one chipped porcelain mug at a time – which is really very impressive.

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      As a bit of an aging hippy i need to look into this – thanks Liz!

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      I’ve never tried meditation, but I did go for a few massages during my Alevels to try and break the stress cycle and that worked a treat. BG’s back to normal in no time. Anything that reduces stress seems to make a real difference to the D.

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