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      Avid readers of other diabetes-related blogs will note there’s some diabetes blog week thing on at the minute, which means a lot of articles on similar topics. We don’t tend to bother with this sort of thing because a) we’re lazy b) we would like to give you something different to read.

      Do you have any thoughts on this policy?

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      No idea what it is. So have no thoughts. Somewhat worrying, eh? I don’t think I know any other diabetes related blogs… except the DiabetesUK site… which isn’t a blog. Is it?

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      @tim: Don’t pretend you’re interested in our thoughts/opinions…you’re supposed to be a dictator ;) (and vive la diffĂ©rence!)

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      Go @tim!! Stuff the rest of the web’s diabetes, this place rules. Dictate away…

      @lizz the D UK site is a liability! I’ve repeatedly tried to join & they will not have me. I only happen to be a life member of the association :-(

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      @tim – as @ckoei says “vive la diffĂ©rence!”.

      Yes, I am aware from my “trying-to-get-down-to-doing-some-paid-work-in-a-minute-just-after-I-have-read-this-fascinating-blog-post” excursions that there is some diabetes-blog-thing going on.

      However, from what I have seen, it is largely (even from the few other good diabetes blogs) an exercise in self-indulgent mutual congratulation. No irony, no sarcasm, no cynicism: where is the fun in that?

      I would urge you to stick to your principles and give us more of this site’s usual perspective and don’t feel compelled to join in with the others who seem too worried about being seen to conform to the norms of behaviour of the “DOC” (Diabetes Online Comunity for those of you who have a life!)

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      Even dictators need reassurance sometimes! Good to know the “stuff that, we’ll just continue with our cynical, sarcastic, unintelligable ramblings” approach is working!

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      @alison – how could it not work? :D

Viewing 6 reply threads
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