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      I was wondering whether any of you good folk have a food which for no apparent reason raises your blood sugar way higher than the carbs in it account for ?
      In my case its bacon – which has no carbs – every time I eat it my blood sugar goes sky high. A bacon sandwich (39.8 g cho if you use warburtons toastie) at lunchtime on a 1 1/2 : 1 ratio should mean I inject 6 units, but actually I would need 8.

      My dietician has no idea why this happens.

      Sadly I have now lost all confidence in him since I realised just how much he reminds me of Mr Garrison from South Park – not only does he look similar, but he also says “Mm OK” a lot !

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      @ladyupnorth: It seems that the sodium nitrite used to embalm your bacon is supposed to incite your adrenals to secrete adrenaline (mm…OK, this happens to lab rats when they’re injected with quite concentrated brine). Also, nowadays they add Vit.C to the brew to prevent formation of nitrosamines – my Accu-Chek strips lists this (Vit.C) as something that can make BG values appear a bit higher than they really are. So: if you’re not up for grey un-nitrified & be-aminosined swine, you’re going to have to apply for adrenalectomy :-)

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      Annette A

      Yes, bacon did it for me (when I still ate it. I’ve given up on it now.) I even tried it once on its own – I knew my bg was stable for a while, I just ate bacon (several slices) and then tested to see what happened (to check if it was indeed the bacon). And bingo – the bg went up in response to no carbs.

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      Thanks to both of you. I can’t go Annette’s route of giving up bacon, I just love it so much. At least now I know its not me going loopy and that there is a reason for this happening.
      Adrenalectomy sounds unpleasant, I guess its just increased insulin all the way to the piggy bank (sic).

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      Lol. Vit C is sourced from glucose which is sourced from corn nowadays. There you go. Chemical formula very similar to glucose, apparently. So… is that why, I wonder?

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