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      I was in a book store yesterday looking for a particular diabetes book (just the thing to curl up in front of the fireplace with). After searching on my own, I asked a store employee where I might find it. He went immediately to the spot I had been searching, which I remarked on. “I’m surprised you knew where the diabetes section was” he said. Without a lot of thought, I replied “diabetes is sort of a hobby of mine”.

      I suppose that’s true in a way, although most of the time one picks their hobbies, not the other way around. OTOH, sometimes it seems that one just sort of stumbles into one’s hobby through some chance occurrence, rather than some rational process of picking and choosing.

      Oh, and in spite of that the store’s computer said, the book was nowhere to be found.

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      How odd, maybe he’s just into endocrine disorders – better than some hobbies I suppose…

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