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    Been a wee while since I was last on but had loads of uni work to do so I decided to head up north and spend a couple of weeks up past Inverness – unfortunately I didn’t make it to the rockness festival :-( After having a night out with friends in Dundee on the Sunday night I came home the following day, and suffered from a monstrous migraine and spewing (NOT due to the alcohol intake as I was good and played taxi!). What do you do when you’re sick? I always worry in case:
    a) I don’t make it to the loo in time
    b) I take insulin then I’m sick (how much of my carbs have been absorbed if they end up down the loo?)
    c) What if my blood sugar goes chicken oriental when I eventually fall asleep after hours of worrying?
    d? Where do I put my sick-day rules info when I need it?!

    Does anyone else worry uneccessarily (excuse the spelling) when they’re ill or is it just me? I have visions of me ending up in hospital and have horrible dreams.

    Just as an aside – why is it when the doorbell rings nobody else in the house answers it when you’re busy and they leave it to you?

    Hope you’re all enjoying the sunny weather too! :-)

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    Try replenishing fluids&electrolytes by sipping some sick sauce (8 tsps sugar, 1 tsp salt, 4 cups of water*). And test BGs a bit more fiendishly than usual – in 2004 I woke up with hypo heaves and ended up hyper heaving at sunset, at hospital, all because I didn’t keep a daylong eye on my bloody sweetness. Hope your gastric expressiveness becomes introverted soon!

    *Decant this into a champagne bottle, to be both chic & sick

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    Haha thank you! I

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    Oh flip, sometimes my laptop and I have differences of opinion and it decides when to send a post up prematurely! I checked my BM’s more regularly and also checked for ketones. Still I’m a wee worrier! Any tips on how to de-stress and relax? Fed up reading journal articles on coronary heart disease and health behaviour change theories/models and how the nurse can help individuals change their behaviours. Why does university think it’s necessary for student nurses to be able to write 3000 word essays instead of giving us more practical experience on the wards?!? I’m sure references and citations aren’t paramount in nursing notes…..*fumes a bit then has a mug of tea to settle and get on with the dreaded essay*

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    Yup – I agree with Cecile – when I’m ill I just check my BG all the time, adjust accordingly and hope for the best!

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    @gillian – tips on de-stressing, eh? Go for a walk round the block, a bit of fresh air and gentle exercise works wonders for me!

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    @gillian: Just avoid both nurses and hospitals (for you that would involve not looking in the mirror and playing truant?). What does your nursing notes say about caring for patients that are oopsing up their daisies? Please ignore the bit that tells you to shove plastic tubing down their throats: it kept me barfing into a bowl for 3 days on end.

    If @tim‘s gyring and gimbling in the wabe also doesn’t help, try a bit of smoothie-solitaire Bananagrams…write down all the words you generate, rearrange them slightly and dish it up as an essay?

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    @cecile – like the bit about playing truant and avoiding mirrors!
    @tim – if I were to walk my dog anymore he’d have no legs left! I always find when I have uni work due I become obsessed with cleaning and rearranging my cd/dvd collections. Anything but actually sit down in front of the laptop and get going. I was thinking more along the lines of malibu and cranberry juice as a de-stressing mechanism…Imagine how that essay would turn out!
    P.S did you all know that us lucky diabetics are also predisposed to suffering from coronary heart disease? Ever the optimist eh? Almost finished the essay – woo!

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