Sanofi-Aventis debuts iBGStar blood glucose meter for iPhone

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      Shame I’ve waited two years for these and when they finally start coming out I’m planning on selling my iPhone!

      It’s not the first to announce a blood glucose meter that connects to an iPhone, but Sanofi-Aventis has just rolled out what’s surely the most streamlined solution to date. Unlike the LifeScan Bluetooth glucose meter shown off during Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0 preview event way back in March of last year, this one connects directly to your iPhone (or iPod touch), and it can even be kept permanently attached with the aid of a custom (and fairly stylish) case. Otherwise, it functions just as you’d expect, with it able to display all the basic info on the device itself (it can also be used without the iPhone), and a ton more info on the accompanying app. No word on availability just yet — that still hinges on FDA clearance — but the device is “expected” to run somewhere in the neighborhood of $80.

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      Bloody iPhones! Gah!

      But, still, it’s progress ;-)

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