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    Hello fellow Fingerprickers
    My local authority has worked out that test strips are quite pricey and has implemented a regime of bulk-buying from one manufacturer. Unfortunately the new meter is a random-number generator that can also make a nice beeping-noise. Hospital consultant : “Yeah, we all know its s@*%, good luck with your GP” Fundamentally, I miss the pleasure of the Bayer USB. A meter with street-cred. Whilst being selfish, are there any techniques or key phrases to help me get back to the glory days?

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    What was it you liked most about your meter compared to the new sh*** one? The term ‘patient choice ‘ is key. E.g. Convenience, appropriate to carry, good/ better for sport or work, gives you a better quality of life etc; try and find out the cost of your strips compared to the NHS ones and work out the difference. If you’re a type 1 you really should be able to get what you want, type 2’s will have more problems. Consider changing your GP to one using another PCT although this may be difficult, I live on the Bucks /Oxon border so that’s easy for me. I use 3 or 4 meters and after a fight now get the strips I need. My argument for so many is that I use them to calibrate against other and I leave one in my sports kit, one in the car, one’s incorporated into my pump and the other is by my bedside because I am a lazy girl. This makes me a good diabetic though reflected in good HBa1c’s. Hope this helps Alex.

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    So do you have the ‘choice’ of just one meter now? They were thinking of doing this (still are?) in NHS Lothian but I think the plan was to have the option of three or four meters / strips to give a semblance of choice.

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    How apt!

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