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      Hi all

      My youngest son started a new school today so I thought I’d show a bit of empathy and become a ‘new boy’ too.
      I chanced on this site some time ago but, as is usual for me, didn’t bother joining (see above). I think I qualify, T1 since 1980 (when I diagnosed myself which is another story entirely). My most regular contact with a pump is when filling the car, other than that it’s pens, carbs, meters and, er, guesswork.
      I have never joined a diabetes forum before, I’ve looked at the forums on di*b*t*s UK but never felt that I could add to the tremendous depth of expertise regularly on show. And they’re dull. This appears to be an altogether better bet.
      So, thanks to all for the entertaining content I’ve spent the last few months idly reading, I will try to add to it (not a particularly good start, I grant you).



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      Welcome @adderboy we promise not to pick on the newboy too much. I can almost see your too long blazer sleeves and extra long trousers from here – you’ll grow into them soon I’m sure.

      We’re honoured to have shallow expertise but to not be dull ;)

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      Hello @adderboy. You’re definitely a contender for the award for best introduction and dismissal of alternative forums “And they’re dull” :) Perfect.

      Hope the lad had a good day at school. I just returned my eldest with the other starting for the first time on Monday. The joy on the faces of both the children AND parents this morning was a wonder to behold.

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