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      My new pump has arrived and it’s come with some Mio infusion sets, which look intriguing as I usually use the QuickSets. Does anyone have experience of both? And what might the pros and cons of either be?

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      I’m now an expert (of a week) 😉 as far as I can tell the difference is the inserter ..

      I can see the mio being good when you get used to it but for a newbie it was a but of a FAFF setting it all up.

      I got the tubing caught in the inserter cog on Saturday – managed to pull it all out w/o any problem & unjam it so it’s quite robust.

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      There’s also some discussion of this over on our Facebook page:

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      Mike (eduad)

      I tried Mios a while back when I was having some problems with Quicksets kinking internally after insertion.

      I know lots of people love em, but I always found the self-serter a bit ‘cracker toy’ and flimsy. I broke several without being able to get them inserted properly.

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      I had the same issue as Mike – the inserted was really flimsy. And as I was happy with Quicksets and only tried them because id been given one I didn’t bother persisting. I suspect with practice they are perfectly fine.

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