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      I received last week in the post a flier for a new Support Group for people using insulin pumps in my area.

      It is being arranged by Hazel Morbey (previously of this parish of SUoPU) and all attendees will be gratefully received.

      Date: Monday 11th Feb 7pm to 9pm
      Location: The Gregson Centre, Moorgate, Lancaster (
      Agenda: Talk & question session with Medtronic North West Clinical Specialist. Then a discussion on future plans and arrangements for the group.
      Contact: Details given but as they’re not mine I wouldn’t want to paste onto the interwebby. If you’d like to know more or to confirm you’ll come send me a message and I’ll pass on Hazel’s contact details.

      Hopefully this will be of interest to someone as I know North Lancs is lacking a user group to sit and have a combined whinge / motivation session with :)

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      Worth a trip if you’re nearby, we have a local pump group and its nice to pop along and chat to some other mechanoids for a couple of hours every now and then.

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      Where did you find yours @alison ?
      It’s always felt like there should be at least one in london for me to visit once a year to absolve my sins!

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      It’s organised by my hospital so they told me about it.

      I seem to remember @Lesley1966 sometimes organises meet ups in a pub in London for pumpers – perhaps she might chip in with something more helpful than my distant memories.

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      There’s a quarterly meeting in London – you’ve just missed the January one unfortunately. For details see either or the Facebook group


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