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      At a recent clinic for one of my diabetic complications I saw a Doctor I hadn’t seen before who described me in the usual format

      1. A long established Type 1
      2. Partially sighted
      3. Hypo unaware
      4. etc etc.

      I sat and agreed with him whilst thinking good grief is that powerpoint presentation of complications really me?

      I realise there is no room for sugar coating anything to do with diabetes – no pun intended – but just for once wouldn’t it be great to be described in glowing terms that would cheer you on? Something along the lines of

      So, you are a
      1. Stunning brunette running your own pancreas
      2. Beautiful hazel eyes with threadbare retinas
      3. Cute sensor and pump keeping you conscious

      Obviously a subjective list could be even more distressing than the bare medical facts but sometimes I really would like some better labels attached to me. What kind of embellishments would you like?

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      I’d settle for: Provider of top quality pancreas services, overworked and underpaid

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      Do I have to be a stunning brunette or can we allow some flexibility with hair dye/colour?

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      I’m happy being a stunning brunette.

      Anyway, it’s like the advertisements for pumps – the infusion sets are always shown on some model with a flat, blemish-free stomach and never on the hairy tummy of some berr-gutted biker. I wonder why?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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