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      Whilst out with dog in the cold (and that’s down south cold) my Accu chek Nano meter is refusing to allow me to test my blood as it is too cold. Needless to say I am now growing concerned about my pump. Do I need to wrap it up in cotton wool before it starts refusing to supply me with my TBR whilst out walking? Does anyone know what temperature it works within? I know I have my pump next to me and covered in clothing but ……How do diabetics using pumps cope in freezing temps or are they not allowed them?

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      Annette A

      The temperature range for operation for an accutrend pump is 5-40 degrees centigrade. So as long as its under your clothing, you should be okay out walking the dog, as your body heat will keep it above 5 degrees. (Yes, I have all the manuals to hand. No, I dont often read them.) I guess it would be similar for the other manufacturers.

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      I’ve never actually thought about this as a possible problem – there you go. When I do my early morning dog walking my pump lives on my belt under two down jackets (it’s bloody cold pre-dawn in the Pentland Hills!) so I presume it stays warm enough to keep functioning without any problems.

      I guess if you were travelling round the Arctic then it might be more of a problem?

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