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      One for the pumpers out there. I’ve been messing around with dual wave boluses recently. Quite often I’ll have something very carby and put in a correspondingly large bolus. This leads to a big dip in BG, followed by a gradual rise to something too high.

      This seems like the sort of thing a dual wave would be perfect for. I tend to split the bolus 75%-25% with the 25% going in over an hour.

      This doesn’t seem to make that much of a difference.

      Am I expecting too much from the dual wave? Or are my settings all out of goose? Team Pump – tell me what you do with your dual waves?

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      Annette A

      I find that using the percentages the other way round works better – just a small amount (about 25%) as an immediate, followed by the rest over about an hour.
      It does depend on what I’m eating – the faster acting the carbs are, the more I put in up fromt. It seems to work well for me that way, but it will depend on how well or otherwise you digest your food – I dont digest well, so need less to start with.

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      I think you’ve got exactly the right idea, but infuriatingly you just need to endlessly experiment to see what works best.

      75:25 over 1 hour is pretty much a ‘nothing going on here’ setting for me. like if I’m sitting down to eat at 4.0 and want to make sure my slowish-but-not-really-slow meal has a decent headstart.

      My more profound DWs might be more like 30-40% upfront and the rest over 3 or 4 hours. I know others who need at least some of the dose still trickling in overnight!

      Now that I know you are using mySugr I can share my method for you to a) consider or b) laugh at:

      In the notes of any of my problematic choices I will also make a quick shorthand note of the approach – “Pasta, DW 75:25 1hr”

      Using the ‘search’ function I can then draw up a list of recent (or not-so-recent) pasta experiments, what the split was and over how long and then click into those to see what happened afterwards as a ‘logbook’ graph.

      Alternatively (my earlier approach) you could just jot a note on a per-meal basis in whatever note-taking app your droid has as standard.

      The key is to be able to refer back IMO, ideally with some sort of record of whether it resulted in BG nirvana, chaos or no apparent difference.

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      Hmm, interesting, sounds like more experimentation is in order. And, Mike, taking notes rather than making it up each time? Whatever next? 😉

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      Hello strangers! I got pulled in by elephant insulin doses, and then stayed in because of dual boluses – one of my favourite things. I use a dual just for pasta. After quite a long period of experimentation, I have settled on 30/70 (or occasionally down to 25/75 if blood sugar is low to start with) over either 90 mins or two hours, depending on whether I’m sitting down digesting my pasta (90 mins), or out and about (2 hours). If I have a correction to do too, it makes my head hurt trying to adjust the percentages, but I still love it.

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      Good Lord! It’s @caroline!

      I’m going to start messing around with less front-loading and more back-loading (if such terms exist) – I’ve always tended to go the other way.

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