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      Does anyone else become irrationally attached to pieces of diabetic kit? I just caught myself thinking about my first insulin pen. It had pictures of elephants on it… (*dreamy look in eyes*) … they don’t make them like that any more. Actually, I think I might still have it somewhere in a heap of diabetic junk I have never had the heart to throw away.

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      Yes I have a few ! The aroma of the meths surrounding the stainless steel and glass syringe kept in the fridge. (A copy was on display a few years ago in the science museum- I feel old) My first blood monitor like a pen and then the first Novopen sleek stainless steel a sheer delight to use except no 1/2 doses. All this plastic stuff no its the sheer elegance of the brushed steel which does it for me.

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      Annette A

      A light blue plastic box, about the size of a paperback book, with a clip on lid, inside which was a tube with a screw top, which held a glass syringe in surgical spirit, a circular tube in which you stood the aforementioned tube so that you could get the syringe out without spilling the surgical spirit, two perfectly designed little slots for vials of insulin (monotard and actrapid, in my case), and two other little gaps for needles and swabs. I was quite sorry to see it go when they brought in plastic syringes…

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      I was only diagnosed five years ago, so I don’t suppose I’ve had much of a chance to develop any nostalgia. I suppose the best candidate would be my Desang kit bag which I bought soon after diagnosis and which has gone with me everywhere for all of said five years.

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