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      So having had a short trial of an omnipod and decided to go over to the dark side and ask for an insulin pump in general, and that one in particular, my DSN threw in another option- the cell novo pump (http://www.cellnovo.com/).

      It looks shiny and fancy, and claims to be smaller and better than an omnipod, but their website is terrible and I can’t find out any practical info- they only seem concerned with their USP which seems to be that it looks a bit like an iphone and will automatically save and transmit all your data.

      Has anybody got one/seen one in action who could answer some of my questions? (I should say I’m also trying to organise a meeting with a rep- not that I don’t trust you lot!)

      What I want to know includes…
      – what infusion sets does it take/how do you insert them? (I quite like the click and stab approach of the omnipod)
      – what do you do on a plane? the omnipod doesn’t have to be turned off but I presume the data sharing thingy would have to be disabled. Can this be done while still keeping the pump working? Does it have a flight mode like a phone?
      – is the touchscreen on the handset reliable? some phones are better than others- I wouldn’t want to be stabbing around to give a bolus, or to accidentally press the wrong button
      – is the rechargeable battery in the pump bit likely to lose capacity with time like other electronic devices?

      Thanks- I realise this is a bit of a stab in the dark!

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