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      This site’s favourite charity (proof – has published a new e-book on carb counting. A quick scan seems to suggest it’s pretty good but I’ll give it a full look later.

      Obviously nothing can substitute a full course such as DAFNE but this is a good start and a welcome return to the old BDA ‘lines/exchanges’ books of the past.

      The official blurb is here:
      Carbs count e-book – An introduction to carbohydrate counting and insulin dose adjustment.

      Developed by qualified diabetes dietitians and professionals working in the field of carbohydrate counting and insulin dose adjustment, this e-book provides background information on carbohydrates and how to carbohydrate count. It also covers the different types of insulin available, how they work and how each one should be adjusted according to what you eat, drink and the amount of physical activity you do.

      Available as a PDF e-book, Carbs Count can be downloaded for use on your home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can also test your knowledge by working through the examples featured throughout the ten chapters.

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