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      i was dianosed in 1996 with type 2, went through the diet only bit, then metformin, and all the associated tablets, blood pressure, statins etc.(not Viagra,, yet) Then insulin, Lantus and rapid. Weight went up by 16 kilos, trialled Byetta, weight loss, good blood sugar control. Lost 14 kilos, but now weight creeping up again. Anyone else here tried Byetta?

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      Hairy Gnome

      @Rocky – Never even heard of it, never mind tried it… does it have cream in it, or sugary sprinkles on top…? Don’t bother with the Viagra, go straight to the Cialis, it’s much more effective and longer lasting!

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      I have been on Exenotide for about 3 years now and its the best thing I ever did. Like you, I progressed from diet to Metformin to Metformin ++ and finally to Lantus. The Lantus never really worked, my dose went up and up as did my weight but my sugar levels were never under control
      Within a year of starting the Exenodtide I had lost 3 stone, some of which can be accredited to the fact that it made me so sick in the early days, but I am so glad I persevered. Since then the weight loss has slowed and I lost a further stone and a half. It is now staying steady, My appetite is better than it was when I first began the treatment but it has never gone back to what it was before
      All in all I am very pleased with it

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