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      Peter Childs

      I’m off to Canterbury Bar Camp Tomorrow.

      A Bar Camp for those who have never heard of one is Un-Conference of Geeks (Computer People, for the most part, but we also pull people from Electronics and many other craft discipline) Its a day of people giving 10-15 minute talks on just about anything they are interested in. So lost year we had talks on just about anything from Beer Making to Computer Networking…..

      Anyway I’ve sorted through my brain and come up with a Talk entitled “Diabetes an Algorithm” The talk is based on why Diabetes control contains loads on Maths and following a rules book (which looks more like a computer program than anything else), I’m hoping it will be a different talk and I’m thinking will hold some interest. but then we’ll have to wait and see, as I’m not very good at public speaking…….


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      That sounds like an interesting talk Peter – I think a lot of diabetes is maths (which is a pity as even my basic arithmetic is bloody awful). I think software which could analyse results and make suggestions on improving control based on fancy algorithms would be great.

      I know of one company which is developing something along these lines, but in the first instance it will be designed for doctors looking at patients’ results rather than for patients themselves.

      Oh, and don’t worry about public speaking – just imagine yourself naked. Or is it the audience naked? I forget.

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      Annette A

      Diabetics are (or become) very good at maths, even if they dont think so themselves. In the same way as, apparently, footballers (who, lets face it, aren’t top of the IQ tree) are very good at maths – because they know how to kick the ball and how hard to get it where they want it – they have no idea they are doing maths.
      In fact, I think we need a new branch of mathematics – diabetimetry? Diabology? Diabetheory?

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