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      Hi Everyone (attempt no 2 as the first time I tried to post this topic it failed!)

      I just thought this article was interesting – it’s unsurprising that control was improved, but that aside I imagine that it will help those of us who want to get a pump obtain one (I’ve put off having a family partly because of the fear of what poor control could do). Anyway, hope the link works: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-12306579

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      Thanks for posting it Claire – I’d seen it but not thought to post it up! Duh…

      I think this comes down to pumps and CGM being the best current solution to being type one. Which are my thoughts entirely!

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      Dear God Claire do not be governed by that article. Remember you are in control If you feel that you are in any danger whilst pregnant phone your diab nurse/doctor. Without a pump I have had three healthy children without any problems to them or me.
      With my first child I went full 40 weeks and because his heart rate started to deviate and I knew babe had to be born that day. I told them to perform a section. No problems. My second pregnancy I had twins! Again I was seen every fortnight, bloods tested, everything monitored. Steroids given at 35 weeks but then running after a soon to be 3yr old yes I was tired. I am informed by my super consultant that those with pumps have much better better control these daysl. I was not perfect!! If pregnancy teachers you anything it is this “What ever you do your body is ruled by hormones and other circumstances that you have no control over”. Accept it, get on with it and you will have a wonderful family. Do not be afraid, no one is perfect what will be we be whether you are a type 1 or 2 or just poor bloody boring non diabetic.

      Positives are that every month you have a scan so you see your babe and really bond by 34 weeks (going back 12 yrs now) you have a scan every 2 weeks. With twins it is automatic every two weeks. Enjoy your pregnancy do not dwell “on what if !”be positive. Generally it is those gestation diabetics who have the problems not us full time ones.
      Much love to you and hope all goes well.

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      Thanks for your replies, and thanks Katherine – I’m not pregnant yet (thinking about it this year) but it means a lot knowing other people get through just fine!! :)

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