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      If you would like Alison or me to write an article about a specific topic then let us know here.

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      By the way, if you don’t suggest some articles Tim may resort to writing about the big blog meltdown in even more geeky techy detail than you’ve been sujected to so far. Be warned, he has his anorak ready and waiting, he doesn’t need much encouragement to put it on. You can stop this by sending us your article demands ;-)

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      I think that’s a threat too far Alison. I could bore for Scotland about the joys of the blog’s backend!

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      Avid diabetes blog readers will have noticed that we rarely, if ever, take part in cross-blog memes – you know the sort of thing where dbloggers all talk about hypos on the same day, etc., etc., in a coordinated way.

      We don’t generally take part because a) we’re anti-social sods; b) I hate the terms dblog and dbloggers with untold passion; c) I think it’s a bit dull to have a zillion blogs all talking about the same thing at the same time.

      Am I right? Would you like to see more meme-related guff on Shoot Up? If so, comment below!

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      Annette A

      I do coordination in clothing, not discussions :-)

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