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I started in November of 2012 after 20 years of MDI and after *several* years of thinking that a pump was not for me.

What convinced me in the end was the opportunity to get my basal to behave properly for the first time ever – and also the precision and ease of bolusing etc, fancy schmancy bolus waves to a letter extent too.

Do be prepared to have to put some work in – it could take a good few months to set it up… tweak… retweak… feel optimistic… lose heart… want to throw it out of the window… before you see real genuine improvements. You might be lucky and things could just click, but without some fairly heavy-duty systematic testing it’s just an expensive lump of plastic giving you duff advice.

When it works though… it really can be fantastic.

As an example, on a day where I’ve been to the gym *and* walked to the supermarket so far I’ve had:
5.2 … 4.6 … 4.3 … 4.1 (these include pre and post meal levels, and I’ve not had any hypos).

Now those are just a bit low for comfort, but the beauty of a pump is that I can just dial-down my basal by a few % for a few hours to take the edge off.

Oh… and if noone has recommended it yet, get hold of a copy of ‘Pumping Insulin’ by John Walsh. Very practical and with lots of nitty gritty detail/tables/calculations to help with set-up and review.

Hope it goes well!