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Firstly, hey all, I’m Clara and i’m new (though not to diabetes)

– yeah, my last needle bin got decorated too – i thought a radiation sign was somewhat apt. I have no idea what the council men thought when they saw it, but it amused me. Haven’t illustrated the new one yet but I did the fridge the other day (see avatar).
You know you’re diabetic when…. you go to Tunisia on holiday and end up spending 10 days in a Tunisian hospital cos the weather is too hot(as in 40 degrees celsius hot), you’ve got dehydrated and got high bs on the first day, stay in hospital for 10 days then end up having to be flown home as it isn’t actually safe for you to be in the country without being on an IV drip.
P.S. I do not recommend Tunisia – they work blood sugars out in a different system and their hospitals aren’t very modern. Thank hell for holiday insurance though.