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By | 11 August, 2009
She probably won't be coming to the premier. Sorry.

She probably won’t be coming to the premier. Sorry.

Forget this summer’s latest CGI-laden action-adventure, bloody zombie gore-fest or the latest chick flick featuring four women who can’t get a boyfriend and then moan about the poor unfortunate saps when they do finally get one. No, forget all that – because this summer’s massive blockbuster is undoubtedly Sugar Drop – the first part of screenwriter Tom Craig’s Bitter Sweet Trilogy.

Since the invention of celluloid the world has been waiting for a mash up of the horror and diabetic genres and, finally, Tom has delivered to a grateful world with the beautifully filmed story of a hypoglycaemic man trapped in a lift without access to Lucozade, Fruit Pastilles or even Mar Bars. As his hypo gets gradually worse are his hallucinations the result of low blood glucose or are they something more sinister?

Tom Craig is a member of Type One club (Yay – lucky him!) and wrote the trilogy’s screenplays based on personal experience (though I suspect he doesn’t have hallucinations about mysterious blond women and scowling kids in red frocks – would be cool if he did though).

As hinted at the by the whole “Trilogy” thing, Tom is planning two more films. The second, as yet untitled, film is about a man going blind who decides to spend his remaining sighted time destroying the beauty of the world around him. While the third will be loosely based on the story of American Edwarda O’Bara, who has spent the past 39 years in a diabetic coma.

So plenty of cheerful knockabout japes to come! Anyway, here at your soaraway Shoot Up we love things that are a) diabetic; b) British; c) very, very cool, so have a look at the trailer yourself at and see what you think.

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13 thoughts on “This summer’s blockbuster

  1. Mike

    I wonder what Insulin he uses.. Getting some hallucinations legally sounds like fun! 🙂

  2. Tom Craig

    Hi folks. I had the most splendid pleasure of visiting your site yesterday after Tim kindly emailed me regarding The Bitter/Sweet Trilogy. What a lovely lot you all seem to be! I hope you find the project of interest. As things develop I promise I’ll update you. Take care – Tom

  3. Tim

    Tom Craig :

    What a lovely lot you all seem to be! I hope you find the project of interest.

    Don’t be fooled Tom – they’re all horrible. Anyway, do keep us all updated on the later films – I’m looking forward to ’em.

  4. Mike

    @Tom Craig

    Good luck with your Project.

    Looks really great and look forward to having an opportunity to view it. However since I now live in Spain, is this going to available to persons globally or just the UK?

  5. Mark

    I’m looking forward to seeing this trip! I gather it’s not quite like, “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” and the character’s constant need for all things sweet.

    Ah, reality… 😀

  6. Ckoei

    Are all viewers going to shoot up some insulin beforehand (to induce hypoglycaemic double vision & allow the marketers to brand it as a double feature?) And is the horrific Chocolat-y thigh* of Dame Judy Dench making a cameo appearance?

    *It appears to be zapped with a cattle prodder. . .when did needles become microfine?

  7. Tim

    @Ckoei I did always wonder what the hell Dame Judi Dench had been doing in that film to get such horrific bruises – stabbing at herself with a blunt 6-inch horse-needle or something

  8. CALpumper

    How awesome. Thanks for sharing this Shoot Up.
    Hi Tom — good luck. When will this be in the US?

    The disclaimer is fantabulous. Well done.

  9. Tom Craig

    @Mike Really appreciate your kind words. To be honest the credit needs to go to directors Sean Ford and Daniel Romero who have translated my script into a visually stunning piece of work that I think really captures the wonderful joys of going hypo in a confined space. Both of them have given months of their life to the project free of charge (although I did promise them a go on my new BMX when everything was completed).

    We are currently looking at a number of potential screening options and, given the international interest we have received, it is essential for me that we ensure people can view the films regardless of geography. As soon as I know more then I’ll let everyone know

  10. Tim

    @Tom Craig Oops! I credited you as director in the article – I don’t want to take away Sean & Daniel’s glory, so have updated accordingly.

  11. Tom Craig

    @CALpumper Thanks for the kind words. We’re getting more and more enquiries from the US asking about the film, which is really exciting. While ever there is a market for it we will do everything we can to ensure you get to see it

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