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I know I said I wasn’t out to convert someone, but @Mike, you’ve been asking some fairly searching questions about pumps, so I’m going to put a couple of my thoughts into the pot. I’ve been told you can take your pump off for more than an hour, as long as you test and dose in between times. This couldn’t be easier – faffless. Quick blood test (a problem if you’re not keen on blood tests, but I have realised (with help from the wisdom of my DSN) that blood tests are much easier when you don’t expect the result to be ‘bad’. Fact finding blood tests, not punishment inducers.), then you put the result into the pump, it will suggest the accurate dose to correct your levels, based on the active insulin you already have in your system – it knows when you last had what dose), you press a button, it delivers the dose, you remove the pump again and carry on. No longer than it takes to eat a mini mars bar. Apart from the lack of injections, it’s been the fact I don’t need to do any annoying sums any more that has pleased me the most. Eg 42 grammes of food, 4.2 units of insulin. Nae bother big man.

Bra – in the middle, just like @Alison said. But underwires don’t seem that keen on the idea – 2 bras needed stitching in 3 months of pump wearing. The only ‘dress’ problem I’ve encounted is when I have to get my strong pants out in order to wear said dress, and this puts a wee bit of pressure on my infusion set. Nothing too untoward though….