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Annette A

Going back to @tim ‘s post#2 – you do have to tell your car insurer, but isnt it illegal for them to raise your premiums because of it? I’m sure I was told that at some point. Disability discrimination, or something.
But the chance of getting reasonable life insurance is almost nil. (If you’ve already got it, they can’t take it away, I think…)
Tip: Dont pay for increased travel insurance – there are a number of companies who specialise in people who other companies charge double for. And their prices can actually be lower…So go googling before shelling out.
Tip: redefine perfection. Perfection is not perfect blood sugars, its knowing what to do about those that are out of range. And that comes with practise (which you will get alot of).
I thought I had to apply for my certificate for free prescriptions rather than being given it – maybe I’m wrong (it was a long time ago…)
Tip: You can eat anything. Anything. ANYTHING! Ignore all those well meaing non-diabetics who tell you that you cant eat biscuits/chocolate/bananas/grapes/whatever. If you want to eat it, and you can calculate/guesstimate the carbs in it, You Can Eat It. Its your choice.