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Thanks for all the support everyone.

@annette – I am the official site tortoise. :)
@mustard – I feel I may be basking in the glory a little early, but I now appreciate that making a real effort with testing and carb counting does make a difference in the long run.
@tim – Indeed. All improvement is a movement in the right way. Not sure about feeling any better but with the help of here and my team I certainly feel more confident of being in control. The previous daily test lottery is less of a surprise as I’m now starting to make decent estimates of where I’m at. Things like this morning’s 4.6 after a 12 at breakfast threw me slightly though. Such is the human body though.

The thing that’s struck me is that if you don’t ask the questions you don’t get told. I used to play around with my basal value quite a lot but it’s only since sitting down and thinking about it that, of course, that won’t help me judge the next day’s bolus (or quick-acting) if the background (as it used to be called) is at different levels each day.

It’s a bit weird, but me and the body are now at a friendly daily war to get tests in the golden zone for a decent amount of time. At the moment I’m starting to win again.