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Now that’s a good idea. I think as a starter we’d need:

Free Port for all ShootUp readers
Machines containing emergency packs of glucose tablets in the toilets.
A handy “this pint contains xg of carbs” label with every pint, to avoid the whole beer/lager how much to bolus for it dilema.
A barmaid who understands that Diet Coke means Diet Coke, not whichever version of Coke you feel like delivering at the time and who doesn’t make inane comments about there being no point in having Diet Coke if you’re going to have crisps with it.
Bowls of Fruit Pastiles on the bar for people to help themselves to (pre-wrapped of course, I don’t want my hypo treatments tainted with 7 different types of wee from peoples’ grubby little fingers).
A sign people can hold up that says “yes, we know you’re diabetic, but could you just get off your soap box and shut up about it for a minute”.