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I flash my boobs. My pump is always on my bra. I have no idea what this looks like but no-one has said, Ah! I see by your boob-nestled device you are a diabetic.

My diabetic ‘look’ is probably the wildly spaced out look I exhibit (apart from my boobs) when hypo. An ‘I know I’m supposed to do something, what was it, oh yes sugar, oh, look! There’s that shopping list I lost last week, it was a notebook I supposed to buy! Hang on, what was I doing? Oh yes, well look at that! I did have a pound, i could have paid for parking! Lemon sherberts! Didn’t know I had those in here, I’d love one of those, oh yes i can have one, my blood sugar is low – er, yuk, it tastes horrible, don’t want that, better buy somthing else, now, what do I fancy, no – not those… chocolate’ll take too long… those have too much colour in, and my teeth won’t stand up to many of those sticky, hard wotsits, can’t remember their name…oooh, my legs feel a bit weird…’ sort of look.