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Hi Stephen

CGM enables you to follow patterns and to adjust when necessary (boring) it also allows you compensate beautifully if you are coming down with a cold etc and it also pleases the consults when you visit the hosp.

Sore fingers are a pain and I find if I do actually change the needle more often my fingers aren’t as sore. I think I have actually lost a lot of sensitivity in my left hand due to pricking ( I blamed this for not being able to get soft contact lenses out of my eyes hard lenses were fine).

As for being attached to the pump it can be a pain sometimes but if I’m honest the fact that it does so much and enables so much more freedom is such a bonus. It’s like getting use to injections you just move on but the benefits are far greater. Hope that helps Stephen. As for rough and tumble games with family you can take it off without much of a problem.