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Well, despite recent entries for my querey about bikinis/pump placement, I haven’t found it a problem. Got my pump just before Christmas, and since then, I’ve only managed to pull the infusion set out a couple of times. Pockets, belt clips, shove it in a waistband of underware/outerware all seem to work well. So do bra staps and camisoles with “secret support” – but I don’t think you chaps will be trying that one out just yet (but I could be wrong! ;-) )
You do get used to it very quickly.. I have a 6yr old son who knows about “Mummy’s tummy medcine” and avoids hitting me in the stomach or pulling on the infusion tubing if it escapes at my midriff.. as for other times, you can take it off in bed for an hour* (*I should be so lucky??!!!) *ahem* before you go to sleep ;-) or for other exercise for that matter.. just bolus a bit to make up for the “time off”.
Can’t help about getting BUPA to cough up for any of this stuff – been lucky enough to con the NHS into providing my pump – haven’t tried for CGM (there was rumour when I was pregnant that I could have borrowed one for a whole 48hrs – steady on there!!)
I know Tim will hate me, but I didn’t have to wait long at all to get mine.. they were trying to persuade me to have it, and it took them a bit of effort to do so.. but that was due to other reasons.. [Tim has asked me to write about it in full another time, but suffice to say, in my 21 yrs experience, I have been a very bad diabetic, and only recently come round to the idea of looking after myself, having, by some miracle, avoided any long term complications to date (well, mega serious ones any way.. ho hum..)]
So ask the local NHS boys & girls and see what they come up with – you never know (assuming you’re not neighbours with Tim) it may be only a couple of months…
As for testing the traditional pincushion way, I’m a terrible slacker, but as my Consultant says.. any is better than none…