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I should clarify what on earth the link is… Someone, a while back in this post, suggested that we shoud have a Spotify Playlist. We now have one. The link should open a spotify playlist, which if you already have spotify, will open up in your spotify playlists list. If you don’t have spotify, I doubt that very much will happen. As it’s a clever collaborative playlist, you should be able to add songs to it if you so wish, and everyone will get them. Magic really.

So far, on the playlist, we have (all checked by my good self for quality – I didn’t just pick them for the names…):

Honey honey – Abba
High Low and In Between – Mark Wills, from his exceptional ‘Country Linedancing’ album
Hypo Full of Love (The 12 Step plan) – Alabama 3
Sweetness – Yes
Santa Claus gave me Diabetes – Stuckey and Murray, from the album ‘Destination: Rock Bottom’. It’s not quite a cheery song, this guy needs Shoot Up.

More as you wish!