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I admit that my diabetes has put me off having kids. More because I haven’t had a normal HbA1c until now (yay! loving my pump!) and the risks involved in being pregnant with diabetes (to the baby) than the risk of passing it on.

It’s only now that my HbA1c is in order that I’ve considered how diabetes may have influenced my kiddie having (or not having) decision. I always just thought that I’m not particularly maternal and never really wanted kids but I find myself now questioning if in fact I do want to, but because it wasn’t an option before, I just went with it…. Or if I wasn’t diabetic would I still just not be maternal and feel the same about giving up my life, sleep, money, etc ….hmmm, dunno.

I’m with @Alison though – I wouldn’t wish diabetes on anyone but if my kid had it, I’d be grateful that they had ‘expert me’ on hand to help them through all the stuff you have to learn to deal with – that’s more than most get.