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Gosh. I was lucky I think when I started it all seemed to go pretty well, it’s now I have problems as pork insulin always has a hangover as it has a longer period of action so I’m always having to think about that.

One thing i did read a long time ago was some research on insulin with and insulin without preservative. Insulin sites which were the ones with insulin going in without preservative stayed uninfected for longer than those with preservative. The conclusion was that the body’s own white cells, which are WAY better at clearing infection than phenol, were doing a better job. And that, as well, phenol was probably inhibiting the action of the white cells present at the other site. Since then, even though it Is different, I haven’t used wipes before putting on my sets, and very rarely get infections. In fact hardly ever had one.

Good luck Paul, when you get it right it is so much better than all other ways!