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I’m just starting to struggle with my DP. Consistently high in the morning (ever the after breakfast reading, which is AFTER my cycle in to work!) then I have hypoed (mild mostly) EVERY day at lunch time for the last week or two. Getting REALLY fed up with it. But is really hard to crack, have started having snacks at break time, currently have an apple and a nutri-grain, but I don’t think there has been ANY difference, so they are obviously two of the worst things I could try?!

Doctor has referred me to a proper diabetes nurse (I thought he was meant to be a specialist, but apparently not, just better than the main doc), so hopefully that’ll help, but it’s been two weeks already since he said that, and when I checked about it today he said I should have had a letter already.

Not been my day, as my bad knee has been playing up, and my ‘good’ one has been joining in! And it rained on me on my way home. I should be all happy at getting out of work 3 hours early, but no. Not today. *sigh* I’ll feel better in a day or two, might lower control a little to have a break from the hypos, even if I do run high.

/bitching session :P