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By the time I was diagnosed near the end of my aborted university career, I already knew that vast amounts of alcohol causes emesis – something insulin is more than capable of doing all by itself, so I’ve been SAB¹ing along since then (a small muscadel-glass of red wine is enough to tipsify me, anyway)… my one brief moment of ethanol-induced hypoglycaemia came after sipping a tot of
href=””>Hakkiesdraad mampoer. I now know that ethanol is a toxin that is ushered along to your potato² immediately after ingestion, where it buggers up liberation of glucose from said potato’s starch³.

As far as shooting up for booze, that only goes for stuff that contains a bit of starch (340ml of Windhoek Lager= 14g carbs) and sugar (120ml port=14g carbs, muscadel=12-24g carbs).

1) Small Amounts of Booze, which down here can be coaxed to mean South African Breweries, if you’re really thirsty…
2) A pet name for your detoxifying organ, the liver. So if your liver is a potato, beverages fermented from potatoes should be cleared of alcohol and can be guzzled by the gallon ;)
3) Botanic version of glycogen.