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The terrible smell

After yet another diabetes related bed sheet incident I am now starting to think that diabetes and sheets are simply incompatible bedfellows. This time there was no visible problem, no massacre-like blood stains or mysterious slime. Oh no, this time it was the smell. Thankfully not the smell of my toes rotting off or my kidneys… Read More »

The contrary diabetic

Having set out clear and logical rules for my body to abide by when it comes to diabetes (which are in reality about as effective as trying to teach an amoeba to tapdance but never mind) it is unfortunate that my mind doesn’t apply similar logic. These are genuine things that I catch myself doing,… Read More »

You can never please a diabetic

When it comes to raising awareness of and money for diabetes, we’re a contrary bunch. We’re always very keen for everyone to understand everything about diabetes, because it’s an exciting and fascinating disease don’t you know. And if I’ve got to live with it, you’re going to know about it. But we – and by… Read More »