JDRF does type one in parliament

By | 27 September, 2011

According to a press release that arrived in my doggy basket recently, everyone’s second favourite diabetes charity the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation has launched a competition to give sixty adults and children with type 1 diabetes the chance to have their say about the issues and challenges they face to MP’s and government officials at Westminster.

On April 25 2012, JDRF will be hosting a flagship lobbying event, Type 1 Parliament, at the Houses of Parliament, in an effort to secure Government funding into type 1 medical research and to push type 1 up the political agenda. To be part of the day, we are asking people to enter a competition to show us how they‘re dedicated to raising awareness of type 1 with their MP and in the media.

All the gory details can be found here: http://www.jdrf1campaign.org.uk/. Woof!

2 thoughts on “JDRF does type one in parliament

  1. Stoyan

    Very interesting. I think that any event that allows the diabetes community to use their voices and reach out to the people in charge is positive and a way forward. It is definitely something we at the Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance are also focused on. The power of speech can be great, but we have to take the opportunities and use them as they come.

  2. Spike Jones

    Seeing as everyone is trying to be heard at the moment, this can only be a good thing. 😉


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