Poll results – How many people do you tell about your diabetes?

By | 23 August, 2011
Shoot Up readers cease fire to vote in this month's poll

Shoot Up readers cease fire to vote in this month's poll

Well, well, well, it’s poll results time again and last month we asked how many people do you tell about your diabetes. This was designed to tie-in with Diabetes UK’s Diabetes Week theme of sharing one’s experience with diabetes. The fact the Diabetes Week was in June shows that we don’t really update the poll every month and actually leave it two or three month’s between polls. I blame myself, I really do.

Anyway, self-flagellation aside, let’s get on with the results; all of you seemed to be a nice, open lot with 34% telling their extended friends and work colleagues all about their diabetes and 30% boring for their country about the ‘betes. Good work!

14% were more reticent, only talking to close friends and family about their condition and 22% refused to answer the poll and expressed this by voting in the poll. This is what happens when you open up polls to the general Internet. *sigh*

Inspired by a recent and joyful hypo at 2am, this month we’re asking “How much does your partner help with hypos?”. Cast your vote over on the right hand side as usual.

Those results in full:

Extended friends and work colleagues (34%)
Everyone! I could bore for my country about it! (30%)
No one – I’m not even answering this poll (22%)
Only my close friends and family (14%)

6 thoughts on “Poll results – How many people do you tell about your diabetes?

  1. Caroline

    I really enjoyed voting in this month’s poll. Cathartic. Thanks! Caroline

  2. Tim

    @Caroline – well quite! A three minute search on Google brings up a load of free, open source dating site software. So if there’s a demand for it, I’ll set up a somewhat-niche diabetes-friendly dating site. Shoot Up does matchmaking – brilliant! 😀

  3. Rohan

    I’m with Caroline on the new poll…

    I for one would use a diabetes based dating site (‘Shoot up and Hook up’?). If only for the amusement value. Do you think you’d get people with a ‘betes fetish joining? The internet has taught that it MUST exist… 😛

  4. Cecile

    @neobrainless: LOL… though I’d prefer this site to remain the celibate haven its name suggests: “Shoo Tup or Put Up” (with subtitle “Drive off those rams, or you’ll bear lambs”)


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